OBEY Min Aung Hlaing in a lazy-design Shepard Fairey-inspired protest sticker.


2022–24 Exhibitions

Since 1–2.2.22, Ma Hnin has run A New Burma, an ad-hoc community of loosely-connected creatives, living life and putting on evolving exhibitions touring major cities around the world, amplifying the messages of artists and critical voices so bravely standing up for a future inclusive of all who would call the country FKA Myanmar (Burma) home.

Exhibits in Bangkok, Melbourne, London, Manchester, Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, and with partners elsewhere, have showcased a co- spirit of protest, defiance, freedom and reform. Always, importantly: young artists from Myanmar (Burma) presenting their inner-selves — on canvas, online, in print, in sculpture, in film, in documentary, in archives, in dance, in music and poetry and everything from the spaces in between.

Increasing freedoms had been hard-won in the 2010s; on 1.2.22 they exploded into a chaotic magi၁k that will reach and inspire the world to believe that genuine △change is anew.

We haven’t forgotten. We never forget. We fight. We win .III,

Get to fuck, MAL
OAKKAHTA Ma Hnin refusing to take part in MAL's sick game. FUCK @TATMADAW

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